Saturday, July 10, 2010

Hmmm...Random Musings

I have some random thoughts and questions (not meant to be answered!) this week. But first, a short song parody with apologies to Meredith Wilson and Robert Preston:

"Well we've got trouble, right here in Jerusalem
With a capital T and that rhymes with B
And that stands for BAKERIES!"

All the walking that is done here is great for the body and the wonderful fruits and vegetables are terrific for the diet but a huge bump in the road are the many bakeries that line the streets of Jerusalem. On almost any street, you will see and smell fabulous breads and sweets that are practically irresistible. There are lots of bite-size treats so one can convince oneself that they won't do much harm...but that is pretty dangerous. As of this week, I am cutting out the goodies, 100%. I won't allow all of this walking to be in vain!

Now, for some things in Jerusalem that make me go "hmmm:"

Are there more stray cats or more pregnant Orthodox women in Jerusalem? If one were counting, I think it might be a close one. I have already told you about the huge number of cats on the streets but each day as I walk to and from school, I see dozens of pregnant women, many with three or four other children who look to be younger than 5. There is definitely a population explosion going on here but it appears to only be among the ultra-religious population.

Has pushing become an art form here? If you wait patiently to get on or off the bus, you will inevitably be shoved by someone who feels it is necessary to get in front of you. And that someone is usually an elderly woman so you don't push back. One of the first words I learned in Hebrew as a child was "b'vacasha" - please. I just don't hear that often enough here.

Is underwear in short demand here? Whenever Israeli men (and many women) bend down, there is the ever-present butt crack. Not a pretty site. Some women have such low-rise jeans or shorts, that the butt crack is present at all times with not even a thong in site).

I am thirsty 24 hours a day and in constant search of the one drink that will quench that thirst. I do water, sparkling water, iced tea, iced coffee, diet grapefruit and orange drinks, diet coke and all they do is leave me wanting something else to take care of my ever-present thirst. I think it might be the heat mixed with the humidity but, if I don't find the magic drink soon, I may float away without the benefit of a boat.

Pre-Ulpan ended on Thursday. We have a week of orientation with all of the new students who just arrived and then we start the regular Ulpan as well as cantillation class and an Israel seminar. So now the real "fun" begins.

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  1. My dearest wife, after walking to and from school 4 days in a row, you have my blessing to have one small bite of something decadent.