Wednesday, June 2, 2010

My First Full Day In Jerusalem

This time last night I was ready to take my bags, run back to the airport and book the first flight home. Since I never could have lifted those bags again, I'm glad that I decided to stay!

After the guy across the street made me the world's biggest felafel and a great night's sleep, things looked much brighter this morning. I got up and took my first walk to HUC. The walk really wasn't as bad as I heard. There was more of an incline than an actually hill and I got there very quickly. I was able to get my new phone which meant I could finally call Sheldon. It was so comforting just to hear his voice.

On the way back from school, I made my first stop at the SuperSol. I bought some food (turkey, cheese, bread, etc.) but I'm not sure about all the things I got. For instance, I bought a small package of butter but have no idea what kind of butter it is since they had about a dozen kinds and everything was written in Hebrew. I'm sure I'll figure it out soon.

I also stopped at a bakery for a loaf of bread and at the coffee shop on the corner of my street where they made me a delicious ice coffee (thank goodness for that. I don't have a coffee maker yet). They appear to be open very early and very late so I should be able to get my coffee fix with no problems.

In terms of the apartment, I figured out how to recharge my computer and how to work the DVD player and television so I'm watching one of my movies and getting ready to make some dinner.

Jerusalem is having a heatwave right now. After living in Palm Desert for a year, it shouldn't bother me but it is muggy so I'm dripping! If the weather cooperates tomorrow, I plan to take my Shuk cart (like the grocery carts old ladies carry at home!) and stock up on more things at the market. On Friday, I hope to walk to the Old City.

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